mono.Scope - Music From An Imaginary Movie Part I.

Péter Sós aka Mono.Scope, started composing with the music editor Fasttracker2 in 1998, which was given the necessary inspiration by the artists of that time, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Ninja Tune. These were still sample based music. Later, he wanted to move beyond these frameworks, to be as unique as possible and to deviate from his previous method. His goal was to make us believe that what we hear is played by a live band. Learning everything in a self-taught way, this “one man band” character crystallized later. He plays and records each instrument on his own, from bass to rhodes organ to the sound of the last cymbal. In style, instrumental downtempo, funk, hip-hop, dark jazz alternate, and in the listeners the feeling of hearing the background music of a film grows stronger. Although no film has been made yet, we can visualize to our liking in the meantime!
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