Quantum Cowboys

Quantum Rock'n roll, random story. 2006, 2 singers/songwriters, Postpunk and Soul/folk and Electro arrangement/sound engineer met at a party. They moved it to a dark Budapest flat/studio in the former ghetto, where they turned double vocal campfire romance into darkstar Electro ballads. Instant pro recordings were produced in a cozy, conspiratory party environment. While hanging out there, a lone, underground cowboy put his tainted Country bass straight to track and stayed A Death Metal guitarist/Dj) turned homeless and moved in. He gave the last boost to the birth of the Quantum Cowboys' name and music. This era produced "Girlfriend of the Birthday Boy". 2007, 1st CD, EP titled "3" (QC) and 1st gig at an art exhibition in the Hilton. The audience was enthralled. Getting serious then, a 2 year long songwriting, recording frenzy escalating into 2.5 divorces, 1 breakup, 3 key players leaving and lastly, moving out in 2009. The new studio was a semi-basement on a former film factory ground, with serious studios laying around, like Aquarium, where "Ruler" (LP..QC) got recorded, with the help of a Glam-rock bass/sound engineer, who was neatly plucked from a musician's bar and guest musicians, even an MC. The birth of songs such as "Time to Love" and "Gate number 8". The Mc reelied in the Industrial Groove/Arrangment and "Molecules" came to be. A powerful team was on it's way to venues across town. Outgrowing the studio, the QC moved to a bigger room at the Keleti Blokk musician's community. The band clicked into the scene just as "Buddha Song" was written. A year later, 2010, the QC became part of an even greater community. A long term camp was set in Blue Jam, located in a former slaughterhouse complex, housing countless rehearsal rooms, including the notorious musician's hub, R33. Musicians were all over the place. This environmnet produced songs like "Cow" and "Suddenly". Hearing the QC rehearse, an established Hard rock drummer dived in. His insights led to some funding and a proper publisher for the new songs. 5 tracks got recorded at R33 studio and at Magneoton just as 3 players left. 2011, "Ich Liebe Budapest" (EP.) was released by DDK Productions,.There was exposure, monthly gigs, interviews, a hint of acknowledgment. Power guitar, manager of the Blue Jam jumped in to tour with the band. 2012, the new constellation produced unlikely songs, such as "Moonlight" and "Speak Out".. Recording the next album was inevitable, stress revisited, the guitar was out. lThe lineup was realigned so that the HC guitar and the Punk guitar, repatriated from a jam session at the musician's bar, would smooth in nicely. The core of the band went on playing with the latest arrivals until November 2013, when BradyO drowned in the Danube. Broken in more ways than possible there is still the Mission, Publishing the Unpublished songs. 2017, Mana Mana Records released "Quantum Cowboys" on vinyl, with songs like ""Choaky" and "Alszom Tovább". There is more coming.
MNDG037 / MANAVL-001