Beat2Trip feat Bottah Rankin - Vision EP

Beat2Trip is a Hungarian reggae, dub, hip-hop production team lead by the talented DJ, producer Hanzee. He started DJ-ing in 2003 as a freestyle DJ but his favourite genres are dub, reggae, trap, moombahton. He is very good in turntablism too and reached the illustrious 3rd place at the Hungarian DMC Championship in 2018. For the first Beat2Trip EP entitled "Vision" he teamed up with Bottah Rankin, who is an active figure of the local dub, reggae, sound system scene. Both guys share the love of roots based music that brought them together in 2013. Since then they shared stages on numerous club venues and festivals which eventually led to the born of Beat2Trip. Their first EP represents Jamaican style riddims and reggae hip-hop beats with heavy basslines. While "Vision" is more like a chill out tune, "Wake Up" has an irresistible dancefloor appeal but both have one thing in common: strong, free-spoken lyrics to make -not only your body but- your mind moving.