Calm Spirit - Calm Spirit

Calm Spirit from Szolnok,the newly signed up band by Mana Mana can accommodate various styles in their eclectic world. This is proven by their debut EP with its 7 songs is already a true melting pot. The opening “Sweet” is an enchanted magical downtempo song which reminds to the best days of Morcheeba. This is a real radio friendly trip-hop piece with sweet vocals and guitar harmonies. On the other hand whilst listening to “Southern Sikes” you can feel the change in the air, with slower and deeper sounds Calm Spirit takes the listener to the true roots of trip-hop. Marble is yet again a relaxed and pleasant joint with some eastern flavoured string and violin arrangements. Another guitar driven drop “Step Out” is a perfect music for a road-movie together with “Damage” that is more melancholic than the rest of the EP and definitely it is the deepest track from the guys. Followed by “Desert Craze”, that brings back again the golden days of trip-hop. Finally, we can hear a self – remix of “Marble” in which they presenting super mellow beats for any afternoon. 
You have a chance to catch Calm Spirit in two formations, as a smaller 3-4 people live act, and as a larger band with vocalists and singer. They have performed already on A38, Millenáris or Ozora (where they will be performing this summer as well).