Calm Spirit - Facelesses EP

After their debut EP in 2017, Calm Spirit is here with a brand new release. The title track “Facelesses” is a great radio friendly song halfway between ambient-pop and downtempo. Smooth and slow with caressing synthesizer pads and restrained drums at the beginning which starts after the second minute, giving a new impetus to the song but keeping its calm mood after all. The song is crowned by the singing of the Kijube who co-worked with the Calm Spirit collective, Attila Fekete and Gábor Berényi to make this EP. It is a pleasure to hear that the version with Hungarian lyrics of the fully-fledged, radio-friendly song does sound equally good. It’s even hard to decide which language is the winning one here. Uncertain people may enjoy the instrumental version too. The other song on this EP is “Cry To You” what brings the best traditions of trip-hop with organs, scratches and with a dub appeal to psybient, showing how Calm spirit blends different styles perfectly to a coherent song.