DJ Pozor - Ayaaa! EP

Hungarian producer and dj, David Molnar aka DJ Pozor throws a new sonic bomb into the global bass scene with this brand new EP, released by Hungarian label Mana Mana Records. 
The record consists of 3 tunes plus a dj friendly version of “Elindultak a cigányok” remix. 
The original material comes from Hungary, and its topic covers everything from dawntime booze-hunting in Budapest suburbs, gypsies rolling in a traditional ball with no proper clothes, or a typical bitter-sweet, east-european elegy of our recent decade. Musical statements are made in honest, self-ironic, and harsh way, or simply you can say “AYAAA”! 
01 - Csángálló - Elindultak a cigányok / Balkan Drum & Bass Remix 
Yep, you could say balkanbeat is over, but not when DJ Pozor remixes a from-sorrow-to-heavy-party song into classic drum and bass, with wobbling basslines and some ragga mc stuff on it. Organic and well-elaborate brass, fairytale-esque melodies and vocals sitting on club-rocking beats, a must for all global bass djs! 
02 - PASO & Riger János - Részeg / Drum & Bass Ska Remix 
Suburban rudeboy ska song accelerated with some 20 bpm’s up to 172. Synth drop is created from male bass vocals, modern claps and snares co-exist with classic drum & bass/jungle fills. Fat, distorted bassline draws the bottom, and when it comes to breakdown, warm trap beats support ragga-ish mc-ing. Drunk worker style inadi junglist power! 
03 - Slow Village - 2000tizenvalahány / Reggaeton Hiphop Remix 
Classic Hiphop vibes often transform nowadays to modern trap-ish, twerk-ish sound design. True underground rappers from Budapest tell their gloomy stories on some sunny reggaeton riddim, creating an ambivalent twist on this tune. Only the question is: how will dancers in the Caraibes guess what language it is…? 

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