Dubcity Fanatikz - Aerodynamics

The two masterminds behind Anima Sound System, Zsolt Prieger and Gergely Németh formed an exciting project called Dubcity Fanatikz in 2002. Dub was an important element in their previous Anima Sound System releases too and now it has a strong role on Aerodincamics, along with jazz and hip-hop. 
The album features many renowned collaborators like Juci Németh, MC Phreek, Sub Bass Monster with their vocal talents, while István Grencsó plays the flutes and saxophones, Viktor Hárs buzzes on the double-bass and Tamás Csigó attacks with guitars. 
Aerodynamics first came out on Bahia Records in 2002 only in CD format. Now we’re proud to present the digital version with 2 extra remixes. Livin’ In A Dubcity got another dub layer spiced with latin moombahton from The Worldstylers duo and Bradaz And Sistaz was reworked to an acidjazzsteppaminimalslowhouse monster by DJ Ozon’s Sema4 project.