Gelka pres. The Mountains Of Mana Mana


Compilations play big part in the life of our small label. From the beginnings of 2013 we made compilations for a wide variety of occasions including Easter, WOMEX, and even for the easy everydays. Now for the second Independent Label Fair, we felt it’s time for a new ear to be invited. We have gutted Gelka for the task. The duo is a real black belt on the subject, as their songs were compiled for more than 20 Cafe Del Mar albums, and recently they compiled Cafe Del Mar – Chillwave 2, which led the German iTunes for weeks in the electronic genre. 
Mountains Of Mana Mana is not a standard compilation album but mixes the peaks of the Mana Mana catalogue in the style of Gelka mixtapes, already well-known from Mixcloud. 
This mixtape is a great start to climb the chill-out, downtempo and lounge mountains of Mana Mana for anyone who doesn’t familiar with our catalogue. Our returning fans will definitely enjoy the kaleidoscope of the reinterpreted beats & pieces. 

The full length digital version available exclusively on YouTube: