Grabo'sky - Poolside EP

Mana Mana Records has started officially with Wurmloch EP by Grabo’sky about a half year ago. Now he’s returned with another pleasing package. Poolside is a slowly rolling downtempo cut full of layered guitar melodies and a great bassline. The easygoing and lazy feel that comes from this track is absolutely reflected in its title. 
Quixotic is one of the most talented producers of the Hungarian nu-disco / balearic house scene. He kept the mood of the original version but speeded up the bpm in his remix to create a catchy night club track. 
The Savages remix of Poolside is another beautiful downtempo piece with extra flutes and surprising dubstep bass. 
The last title on the EP is a remix by Grabo’sky. He did an euphoric version of Savages’ You're My Chocolate. The original of this tune is from 2008 and already played by more than 1M times on YouTube. 
"Love the remix of Savages. Podcast support ahoy!" 
"Thanks a lot for the POOLSIDE EP. Some great stuff all around... 
QUIXOTIC remix and his gentle Nu-Disco vibe and SAVAGES-You're my chocolate 
(GRABO'SKY remix) are my faves.....will support and play!" 
(Pale Penguin / V.I.M.RECORDS) 
"The new EP from Grabo'sky is really nice, my favourites of this release: 
- Poolside (Original Mix) 
- Poolside (Quixotic Remix) 
- Savages - You're My Chocolate (Grabo'sky Remix)" 
(Sven Thomschke / 'Dr.Best') 
"Very nice release - Particularly like the Quixotic remix" 
(Rory Hoy) 
"I love the original version, it’s gonna be a really tasty weapon for warm up."