Hypernomad - Pabadapop

Hypernomad is a unique kind of world music producer who happily goes bang at every kind of folk music from Africa, Asia to Eastern-Europe. He blends these ingredients all together with electronica in his magic cauldron to create something new. The result is always hypnotic, often experimental and unpredictable as was his debut album Hyperistan Dajo in 2011 with he’s won the Folkbeats talent show’s special prize. He transforms other’s music with his special recipe as well, like he did with remixes made for Erik Sumo or Úzgin Űver. His new album Pabadapop also follows the path of his previous works and his unique sound already won an award in the “Best Song – Blues / Electronica” category from the Akademia Music Awards. 
Hypernomad is a very strange phenomenon of the music scene. If he is coming out with anything, always has got the usual opinion: "like nothing we' ve ever heard before" (Akademia Music Awards, L.A., US)
Above the honorable reward many US radio stations plays his Happysong in rotation as a proof that there is a need for the unusual new sound as well.