Marcel - Greatest Misses

The title of this EP speaks for itself but we give a short explanation though. Marcell Dudás is one of the most known and successful player of the Hungarian downtempo scene. He had numerous releases on labels like Juice, Ugar, Mole Listening Pearls, Nuphonic, Cookin’, or Wax On and now our paths are crossing each other.

This 25 minutes long EP features 8 of his previous tracks from the 2003-2010 era. Most of them have never been released before but they had the same style and mood as his highly acclaimed albums. Every single track has funky beats, gentle and funny samples just as we like. As a bonus we have an unreleased remix of Rapscallion’s „Boomster” from the Wax-On era.

The Greatest Misses EP also available in CD format for good, limited to 222 copies. Grab your copy while you can.