Másfél - Merítés

A Different Kind of Immersion When a band releases an album after being away for many years, it allows them the freedom to reinterpret their work. The double album Merites (Immersion) by Hungarian band Masfel is released on high quality vinyl which, from the moment the needle hits the groove, allows the full depth and dimension of these thirteen complex, multi-layered songs – including two new songs - to be appreciated, by both new and existing fans alike. Masfel formed in the late eighties, began performing in the early nineties, and represented a unique musical style in Hungary. Their instrumental blend of styles - originally five members and two bass guitars - soon conquered live stages and elevated them in comparison to their contemporaries in the alternative music scene. In the early years, besides the instrumental variation of AlteRock, the band’s style was characterized by funk, post-punk, psychedelic rock and acid jazz (think: Ozric Tentacles, Primus, Kong). To go even further Masfel blended post rock, electronic, jungle and drum’n’ bass rhythms into their songs, with dynamic shifts, pulsating bass lines and choppy saxophones. The band’s highly danceable, swirling groove music soon became very popular, but despite this, Masfel never lost their thirst for the experimental, constantly bringing more musical influences to their songs, to retain their avant-garde edge. They were an unbeatable live act, and in recorded form, their body of work is unparalleled amongst Hungarian bands of the 90’s and 00’s. This vinyl compilation is based on 2017 remasters of eight of their most important original albums, and includes for the first time a shorter version of Moon and a new version of Poland, which was originally on the critically acclaimed 2005 album En Garde! Set in this new context, the songs re-establish Masfel as one of the most important Hungarian bands of their era. Dömötör Endre (Recorder Magazin)