Másfél - Mese (Remastered)

The band: 
Másfél was one of the most important and loved underground act of the 90’s in Hungary. 
They were active for more than two decades, recorded many albums, and concert albums, played their tunes in every important venues of Hungary also had many gigs in all over Europe or Russia. 
It’s not easy to define their unique sound, since it contains many elements from rock, jazz, post punk or funk, even electronic components. One thing is sure; this instrumental blend of many styles helped the band to conquer the stages of Europe including the main stage of Sziget. Másfél was always known for their experimental style, they constantly tried to implement more and more of the many musical impressions they encountered. 
In spite of all the successes and fame their albums were never released in digital formats. Today their previous CDs are hard to find items. To change this we’re proud to present the first 2 albums of the band in remastered digital version. 
The album: 
Mese was the band’s debut album in 1993. The album recorded live at studio of Schönherz dormitory and released by the band itself on cassette. Probably this is their rarest album and mainly collectors and diehard fans have the original release. The unique style that is specific to Másfél can be heard even on this first album; repetitive music with sharp changes flavoured by a pint of psychedelia. 
The remastering of the original recordings was funded by NKA. 

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