Ordiman - Green EP

Just two months after his great solo EP Flores, Ordiman is back with a collection of remixes. This third instalment of his reworks continues where he left with Flores. Electro swing all above. 
Fans of the genre are certainly familiar with the name of Deladap. Ordiman took their latest hit “Listen Up” and rearranged it into a wobbling slo-monster that works very well on its own. A local band called Marot Viki & The Nova Kultur Zenekar is well known in Hungary for their retro repertoire. They joined forces with Ordiman who delivered a highly radio friendly version of their song. Many FM radios play this remix on heavy rotation that proves swing –just like rock– never dies. Pankastic’s “No More Dancing” remix is our personal favourite here, but the debate is open. Finally we have “Trouble in My Mind” which is a remix of Petruksa’s song. The song was originally amongst the finalists in the pre-selection contest of “A Dal 2016”.