Ordiman - Yellow EP

Ordiman is a popular underground DJ of the nightlife of Budapest. He played on many events and he has residency in clubs like A38, Akvárium Klub, Instant or the Orfeum. His sets combines various styles from ghetto-swing and balkan beats to electro. 
Ordiman also produces his own compositions and remixes. Earlier this year came out the debut of the Step Bistro EP which is a collaboration project with Maszkura. Now Mana Mana presents a 4 pieces EP set with his best remixes from the past years. 
The first piece of the EP series is called Yellow and it is a serious start. The EP opens with the amazing Judie Jay song “Gone”s radio friendly electro swing remix. The second one is also an electro swing rework of the famous song “Szerelemhez nem kell szépség” by Farkas Gábor Gabriel and Psota Irén but this is made straight for the dancefloors. Ordiman shows with his remix of Anima Sound Systems’ “Crossroads” that he’s very good in electro-pop too. The closing track on Yellow EP is “Music Is All Around” by Drity Honkers. Ordiman’s remix with its glitch pop sound is just as crazy as the Dirty Honkers themselves.