Sannan feat. Coppé - Violet Lullaby EP

The duo of Sannan released their 3rd album Hikari in the end of 2015. Now we are proud to present the first EP from Hikari with tasty remixes. 


Violet Lullaby features the vocal talents of Coppé who once won the Nihon Record Taisho Award which sometimes called as the „Japanese Grammy”. First we have a clean and deep sci-fi remake form Hadron Orchestra, who is getting more and more attention with his chill-out works. The follow up nu-jazz remix is made by Kovacs who rarely does remixes but this is an exemption and we really love it. Then we got a  well produced jungle vibe with heavy basslines straight from Kalumet. Coppé’s voice comes from far away in his mix, literally we hear it coming from the depth of a jungle. The Wake Up version is made by Sannan as contrary to the original’s calming mood, we have strong bassline and tight beats here. The last track called Lullabye is a tricky tribal-house-electro hybrid that uses the same instruments as the original but it surely won’t make you fall asleep.