Sannan - Hikari

The founders of Mana Mana Records have returned with the following album of their downtempo outfit Sannan. The new material this time is more darker and gloomier than their previous releases even though what its title "Hikari" suggest. 

Hikari means light in Japanese and the album is strongly influenced by Zen and the culture of Japan. Therefore you can hear tons of koto, shakuhachi, sitar or eastern percussions blended with smooth electronica. 

One of the best tunes of the album is a collaboration with the "Legendary Godmother of Japanese Electronica" Coppé. She won the Nihon Record Taisho award (sometimes called "Japanese Grammy") and has worked such artists like Plaid, DJ Vadim, Tipsy or Q Bert. 

Besides Coppé's beautiful voice, the US based Hungarian sitar player, Andro Fall has added some extra to the album's mood. Hikari also features some talents of the Hungarian underground scene, like Bogár whose voice makes you fall into trance, Pedro Helvete who rises the ambient factor with his production and Senhor Matanza who tells a poem about the real Zen.
The album was supported by NKA.