Savages - Life In The Wild Garden

Quote from Melting Records: "Savages is a prolific producer from Hungary also one half of the duo Savages y Suefo. His first album “Five Finger Discount” was first released in 2008 and its legend has grown since the initial release with some considering “Five Finger Discount” a classic of eastern European hip hop culture. The album has released on a vinyl LP for the first time by Melting Records in 2016 with edited tracks and tracklist and again in 2018 as a double LP with original length tracks and some bonus cuts as well. The track “You’re My Chocolate” has since become quite popular among the Greek downtempo DJ scene and constantly climbing up on online platforms such as YouTube or Spotify."

About this album: “Life In The Wild Garden” is the second album by Savages and it follows the footsteps of his first one, this time seasoned with lazy boom bap beats, lot of field recordings to make it more personal. Savages moved out from the city of Budapest to a nice village on the northern side of Hungary in late 2017. The new environment and lifestyle, far from the noisy and loud capital served as the main inspiration source in the making of “Life In The Wild Garden”. The title itself is a word play and also a nod to his new home called Érsekvadkert, which could be translated roughly to English as Bishop’s Wild Garden.

Production, photos &design: Savages Master: Csaba Szőke @ Gainlab Studios Dedicated to all my family!