Singas Project - Last Candy

Singas Project 2017: 2 albums, 22 tracks, 21 contributors and a paraphrase of Twin Peaks 
Singas Project was formed in 2005 and released their debut „Yo Life” later in 2007. Their energetic and cross-genre tracks were immediately licenced for easy listening and lounge compilations and they quickly became well established name in the local an international music biz. After many concerts in Hungary and across Europe Kornél Dénes Szabó and Zoltán Samu Csernák – the two founders of the band – decided to close this era with a joint musical journey. This led all the way to India trough Italy and Turkey with many occasional and scheduled concerts that finally made new friendships with musicians, new discoveries in music and new ideas for the songwriting. 
In 2017 the two authors are releasing simultaneously two albums both strongly connected to each other. Last Candy is a nu-jazz, lounge album which is about "the analysis of a previous era and separation. The songs are imprints of the feelings people experiences in such periods. The last of everything that had been bound us and shackled the deepest goals we had." – Sums up Zoltán Samu Csernák the essence of Last Candy. 
The acoustic, clear sounding jazz album “I Can Fly” begins where “Last Candy” ends. "The separation is followed by a peaceful state of pure nothing, from which you can draw strength and armed with new energy to achieve new goals. You do your job, which gives infinite power and enthusiasm. You feel the Flow and say yourself: Everyone can fly, so I can fly."