Various Artists - Fekete Leves (OST)

The new Hungarian film Black Soup is about a DJ who has serious poker debt, but he gets the hint how to get the money. He has to rob an armored car so he asks his friends - who apparently in a nuthouse - to help him. The commando of fools are surprisingly effective and they manage to get big money. To celebrate the successful robbery they have a big party with girls, drugs, rock'n'roll when they figure out that the worst is yet to come. It turns out that they’re all in a big trouble because they’ve stolen money from the head of the local mafia. The ruthless gangster now plans to get back the stolen money and take revenge on his own with the help of a corrupt police officer. It seems that the DJ and his friends have no chance to escape... 
The soundtrack of the Black Soup movie features many popular music bands of Hungary. Neo remixed they old but classic big beat tune “Ranbo 13" for the movie only, Mississippi Big Beat drops 3 huge electro-blues tracks to boost the mood, while one the last years’ summer hit “Hajnal” from Bori Péterfy & DJ SuperStereo is closing the movie. Of course, there are many more good music compiled for the soundtrack from names like Balkan Fanatik, We Plants Are Happy Plants, Modul aka Mango, Vono Box or Feaky D who happens to be the main character of the film.