Vono Box - El Vono

Vono Box was a Budapest based downtempo / lounge project of Nafta, Suefo and Parizs. The main producer Jakab Zsolt aka Nafta started Vono Box around 2000 under the influence of bands like Death In Vegas, Karminsky Experience, Portishead, Beck, DJ Food, Tipsy, I Monster etc. 
Their songs can be found on many international compilations, but they never came up with an own EP or album yet. Now we’d like to fill this gap with „El Vono”. We’ve collected all their best tunes on this posthumous release. Cinematic downtempo beauties (La planéte, Crime City), funny swing-hop (Hello Joe) or lounge classic with rich vibraphones (Teddy Acapulco)… It’s all here and there are 3 unreleased exclusive tracks Panama, Bubbles and Delirium Waltz. 
Vono Box has nice repute as remixer too. They did remixes in the past 10 years for names like Erik Sumo (Pulver Records), [dunkelbunt] (Chat Chapeu), Flevans (Tru Thoughts), Eastenders (Poets Club), Orient Expressions (Poets Club), Dusty (Jazz&Milk), Jon Kennedy (Organik) to name a few. 
They disbanded in 2012 but the guys still play the game in their new projects. Nafta continues producing under the Bill Flexible, Incredible Vocoder Band, Lejka monikers. Suefo is the member of Savages y Suefo, The Worldstylers and Sannan. Parizs is the sound engineer of the A38 Boat, one of the best concert venues of Budapest.
All music produced by Jakab Zsolt, with the exception of: 
La planéte, Pepita, Panama, Bubbles - produced by Jakab Zsolt and Kondor Péter 
Crime City, Delirium Waltz - produced by Jakab Zsolt and Lakatos Sándor 
Also contributed: 
Nagy-Barta Péter on bass in La planéte 
Lukács Levente on sax in La planéte 
Horváth Péter on trumpet in Delirium Waltz 
Horváth Erzsébet, vocalist in Panama 
Montanaro Noémi, singer and lyrics in Bubbles 
Kiss Zoltán on guitar in Bubbles 
Cover photo by Mederos Antónió Cover art by Mederos Antónió and Jakab Zsolt