The Worldstylers - Remixed!

The Worldstylers started as a side project of Savages Y Suefo in 2013 with an EP release at the great Greek label Timewarp. Later they joined forces with the local label Mustbeat to deliver another EP and then in 2015 the guys decided to drop their debut album at Mana Mana. 
Adventures With The Worldstylers was a colourful debut that mixed together various genres from blues to hip-hop to baile funk or folk. This pretty eclectic material was given to their friends and the result is exactly became what they expected. The Worldstylers’ universe has inflated into world with even more excitement. 

The international remixer team did the homework very well and they reimagined the original materials with lots of new ideas and cheeky combinations. Hypernomad and Neki Stranac versions are representing the psychedelic, more experimental side that is best described by Neki’s own words about his remix: psychoczardas. While the other side represented by the Slovakian Fallgarpp with their meditative version that stands as a complete contrast to Neki’s remix of the same track. In between the two we have fine downtempo from Bill Flexible, ghetto funk from Ree Keen and Mr. Bristow, while the more uptempo songs were delivered by Timewarp Inc, Kosta Kostov or The Worldstylers themselves. 
Next to the remixes and new versions they added two extra tracks for the compilation. A previously unreleased laidback dub and an exclusive remix from a Hungarian success movie Liza The Fox Fairy.